Men’s Clothing & Shoes

In our assortment you will find all kinds of men’s clothing and shoes, ranging from shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, pants and other casual wear, high quality finishing with business suits. We offer to buy wholesale clothing for muchzhin all styles, colors and sizes. Wide vbor men’s clothing and shoes will allow everyone to find what you need.
Male clothes, of course, is not without practical and comfortable shoes. For solemn meetings, official events or to work in the office are perfect classic black shoes on a shoestring. However, this variant is almost universal for all occasions. Classic men’s shoes are very diverse. This oxfords and derbies, and Desert, and other types of shoes which are sewn normally from smooth leather. A separate category of men’s shoes - casual shoes, which includes a variety of running shoes and sneakers. They are used for sports, leisure and active pastime. In warm summer weather is better to buy light sandals, in which nice to walk along the shady alleys of the park or the sandy coast.

Women’s Clothing & Shoes

We also offer to buy women’s clothing and shoes for different seasons. Summer dresses, skirts, pants or comfortable string business suits - these as well as other types of women’s clothing are represented in our catalogs in a wide range.
Decorate a beautiful and elegant female feet may only high-quality, stylish shoes. This element of the wardrobe of the fair sex have always paid the utmost attention, so kinds of women shoes, offering leading manufacturers, are countless. This traditional shoes with heels and without, boots, shoes and boots, summer sandals and flip-flops with thin soles, boots, ugg boots, sneakers. Women’s shoes are always a stylish design and elegant shapes. The ability to dress well, of course, implies the right choice of design, color and shape of the shoe, its the right combination with one way or another woman.

Baby Clothing

It is no secret that many parents try to provide in advance all that will be necessary, and may be in anticipation of the baby - and to acquire part of the right things. They say in advance for baby costs nothing to buy, and this is likely not what bad omen, but from the fact that the gifts for the birth of a child from numerous friends and relatives may be just what you have previously purchased. Whatever it was, and to outline a list of acquiring the necessary things for the baby just need to avoid confusion in this important matter.


Sportswear - concept quite extensive. It includes suits, tops and T-shirts, pants and trousers, swimsuits, hoodies, sneakers and more. Sportswear has long entered the dressing room not only professionals, but also ordinary people. Most of us use such clothing just in everyday life, during weekends and after work, when it is not necessary to comply with the official dress-code. In such a convenient and comfortable clothes to move, it does not restrict movement and is perfect for outdoor activities.
Regardless of the sport there are a number of features of sportswear, to be aware of. The material from which made things should be good to pass air to the moisture evaporates quickly. During training, the sweat does not accumulate under clothing. Otherwise, it can lead to skin irritation.
No additional solid elements (brooches, buckles, etc.) while having you perform a variety of movements and these elements can easily break or cause injury. Quality. Sports clothing should be durable and reliable. Check the quality of the joints and tissue elasticity. In a serious burden will be carried out during training and it will be unpleasant if one of the moments of the fabric does not break down and tear.


In our assortment there are winter, summer, spring and autumn overalls options: summer suits, insulated model clothes with special protective properties, designed to be worn in conditions of aggressive environment, corporate clothing and uniforms. A wide selection of the most fashionable and relevant medical overalls, a variety of work jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, overalls, overalls, protective suits, gloves, coats, boots, shoes, work shoes specialized for any season.

Fur coats

Shuba - outerwear to protect the body from hypothermia. Shuba is natural and artificial. Fur in this product turned out. Natural sewed fur animals such as mink, sable, chinchilla, fox, jaguar, sheep, tarbagan, bear, wolf, fox, beaver, coyote, ermine, marmot, opossum, nutria, seal, muskrat, rabbit, squirrel, seal, rabbit, seal, cat, dog, Ilka, raccoon, marten, skunk, wolverine, jackal, seal, raccoon dog, reindeer, otter, muskrat, polecat, columns, badger, mole, ponies, lynx, moose, snow leopard, etc. . d.
The main fur coats for the production in Russia is the mink, sable, Persian lamb and mutton.


Caps made of natural fur - the best choice for the cold winter. This hat will be comfortable even in the dead of winter: the fur is excellent retains heat, but, unlike synthetics, does not create the greenhouse effect. In addition, caps, berets and caps of this natural material are durable, look stylish and impressive, but the variety of models and styles allows them to pick up any wardrobe. Today, therefore, deservedly fur hats are in great demand.
The range of your store has not yet presented these hats? Then you are definitely missing out on a profit! To manage to attract new customers, we suggest you order the wholesale hats in our store. We have a wide range of models made from different kinds of fur. Our range of products includes different price category, so each of your customer, you will be able to offer a headdress at an affordable price.


Umbrellas are often used as a gift, but did not lose its originality from it. You can choose different shapes, such as a heart shape - and beat her in your advertising campaign. You can buy umbrellas with the dome of the standard material, with a creative blend color. The fully represented and classic umbrellas with plastic and wooden handles, variety of colors and designs.
Umbrella - practical and beautiful gift for your employees, customers and partners. Wide price range and decent choice of models allows you to choose and buy umbrellas gross for any event. We can find a suitable option for every occasion and every budget, from the fashionable meeting with luxurious gifts to modest promotional options. You a lot of colors and shapes.


In the presence of a large selection of bags and backpacks of various shapes and styles for stores virtually any direction and theme. Our bags are popular with men and women who want to look stylish and elegant. Collections are constantly updated, following the fashion trends in the market of bags. Therefore, buying our products you get the most relevant models of bags and all this at a reasonable price and with large volume discounts!

And other clothing

In our assortment you can also find different types of home and casual wear, evening dresses and suits for special occasions. It bathrobes and pajamas, skirts and dresses, coats and tuxedos. In addition, a separate category of products - is clothing for sports and recreation, which includes track suits, swimming trunks and swimsuits, shorts and sweat pants. Here you can order a variety of knit and linen products, which is called for every taste and budget.