What should be the label for clothes?

Labels - is not only a carrier of information about the product, but also a way to increase sales.

Buyer when choosing one or another thing draws attention to the label, because it has information about the product. Therefore manufacturers who want their items sold, the choice of labels pay a lot of attention.
What kind of information to consumers is the most important? This clothing size, country of manufacture, manufacturer company, the rules of care for the product, the raw material price.
Package label

They remain on the product packaging. The main purpose - to draw attention to the product, of interest to the buyer. Packaging labels contain advertising information, such as the logo and the name of the producer, the main item data (size, material). The material used for the manufacture of self-adhesive film, paper.
Permanent labels

They are saved on a product throughout its entire life. With this in mind, the manufacturer has to take care of the stability of the application of labels and the information it is secured. The product with the label will be subjected to constant external influences: washing, drying, ironing, and the data printed on the label must remain legible, even after such tests.

For the buyer it is important that the information be easily read. Color version of the label, are the exception rather of the rules, most preferred black and white label.
Depending on the label material can be satin, nylon, polyester, paper, self-adhesive. It all depends on the destination and purpose of the label.
Self-adhesive labels for clothes

One of the most popular materials for the production of labels for clothes are self-adhesive labels. This is due to various assortment of face materials and adhesives, and relatively low cost.
The paper can be used as a material: matte, glossy, semi-gloss, thermal top and IVF. apply if necessary film materials: polyethylene, polypropylene,
What give different adhesives? There are the glue that attaches securely to the surface and remove the label without leaving a mark on the product is simply impossible, and there is the glue that makes it easy to remove the label, it should be on the product does not remain. It is the latter type of most interest to the textile industry. Indeed, many labels are applied directly to clothes, and it is necessary that when removing the appearance of the product remained the same, with no adhesive residue.
Labels EAC
The force entered the Technical Regulations of the EurAsEC Customs Union, and it requires manufacturers comply with certain rules of marking products, including clothing.
What is EAC? It stands for "Eurasian compliance." Accordingly, the EAC label confirms that the product has received the "Declaration of Conformity". For buyers, this label indicates the product quality and compliance standards, because such a label can apply only those companies that have passed the "Declaration of Conformity". For manufacturers - it is an additional way to differentiate their products to confirm the quality.
A little about the sign of the EAC. He went into circulation in 2013, was designed by Russian designer Maxim tenths.
According to the requirements, the mark shall be rectangular, and the width of the letters shall be equal to the height of each of them. In order to achieve compliance with the standards applied to a font that contains narrow letters with right angles. There are certain requirements for the colors. The sign should be legible on any colored material, possibly two colors labels EAC: white letters on a black background and black letters on a white background. Dimensions EAC stickers manufacturer chooses at its discretion, the only rule - its size should not be less than 25 square millimeters