What should be the label for clothes?

Labels - is not only a carrier of information about the product, but also a way to increase sales. Buyer when choosing one or another thing draws attention to the label, because it has information about the product.
01.04.2016 [More]

International Fashion Central Asia Fashion Spring 2016

From 10 to 12 March 2016 in Kazakhstan in Almaty hosted an exhibition of fashion Central Asia Fashion Spring 2016.
17.03.2016 [More]

Mintel study: men are more girls acquire designer clothing

British company Mintel produced an interesting study in connection with the ongoing activities. According to experts, young men more often than women acquire designer clothing.
12.01.2016 [More]

Clothing Manufacturers Ivanovo region are planning to cooperate with Belarus

Representatives of the Belarusian State Concern "Bellegprom", which specializes in the production of light industry goods arrived in the Ivanovo region.
20.12.2015 [More]

10 major news light and textile industries

The world prices for cotton decreased due to better weather in Texas, which will continue to pick cotton usual pace.
30.10.2015 [More]

Uzbekistan has signed a contract for the purchase of 700,000 tons of cotton fiber

At the 11th International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair in Tashkent signed a contract for the purchase of 700,000 tons of cotton fiber from Uzbekistan. It is 120 000 tonnes more than the previous fair.
21.10.2015 [More]

Imports of denim fabrics in 2014 fell by almost three times

Despite the high demand from the garment industry, denim groups are not produced in Russia. The demand for this raw material as completely met by imports
19.08.2015 [More]

The share of a domestic production in the market of cotton fabrics of clothes group makes about 40-45 percent

Production of cotton fabrics of clothes group (OKPD and codes) by the enterprises of the domestic textile industry makes about 2,5% of the general production of cotton fabrics, and this share doesn’t change for a number of years.
20.07.2015 [More]

Experts say the Russian market increased by 15 brands of clothing, competition is growing

On the Russian clothing market since the beginning of 2015 out of 15 new brands, two of them - foreign network, opened in the regions. Experts note a sharp increase in competition.
26.06.2015 [More]

Inhibit the development of light industry high duties and a lack of advertising

In the Pskov region will create an inter-regional cluster of light industry. The new facility can be accommodated in the special economic zone "Moglino." The idea was supported Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Viktor Evtukhov, who visited the region on a working visit.
01.05.2015 [More]

Light industry of Kyrgyzstan needs state support

One of the most important for the economy of Kyrgyzstan industry is traditionally a garment industry. In the textile industry in the country employing more than 162 thousand people. Kyrgyzstan’s population is 5.7 million. People, considered the industry’s 3% of the population. The share of employment in the garment industry of the working population of almost 7%. In addition, when calculating the need to take into account that most of the working-age population is on permanent earnings in Russia and Kazakhstan. Thus, the garment industry in Kyrgyzstan is almost a strategic priority, as evidenced by the words of representatives of the government and the business community, but also the problems in the sector are not enough.
13.10.2014 [More]

Commercial direction in trends of womens, mens and childrens fashion season "Autumn-Winter 2015/16"

2014 and 2015 will test the Russian fashion industry’s ability to realize the opportunity that gives a change in the macroeconomic environment. The appreciation of the ruble and the difficult relationship with foreign markets, of course, raise prices and the risks of distribution of imported brands from Europe.
02.09.2014 [More]

RUSSIAN FASHION ROOTS - the first Russian fashion festival of the summer series "Russian beauty"

28 and June 29, 2014 International company Russian Fashion Roots (RFR) held its VII of the account and the first Festival of Russian Fashion of Summer series "Russian beauty".
02.07.2014 [More]

Menswear market in Russia - research

Men’s wear market occupies a third of the total apparel market in Russia is 622 billion. rub. In the year 2013 on average every man in Russia has spent about 11 600 rubles. to buy clothes.
24.04.2014 [More]

Fashionable dresses 2014: current styles, colors, materials and decor

Whatever else, but stylish and attractive dresses in female clothes a lot of never, moreover aware of this themselves of the fair sex, as well as the famous couturier, hedgehog seasonally create all the new versions of these sought-after outfits. So, let’s talk about what kind of dresses will be at the peak of popularity in 2014.
21.01.2014 [More]
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